Picture-perfect Wollongong Boat harbour (only a short hour south of Sydney) hosts the 19th annual MMJ Australia Day Aquathona unique and fun swim + run experience. All ages, all out fun.

It’s Australia’s largest swim and run, and 2018 is set for another big splash.

There are four swim and run distances appealing to the novice, kids, all ages, and those up for a more competitive test.

For the non swimmer or runner, the Warrigal Community Walk offers the perfect opportunity to get involved.

Go it solo, as a tag team, and with the family or group.

Aquathon events start at 8am with the Long Distance, before moving on to the Try, Kids and Short Aquathon, rounding off with the Community Walk at 10am.

The fun continues afterwards, as Wollongong harbour plays host to a huge Australia Day festival.

Kick off your Australia Day experience like no other and join in.

Let us help you to the start line: TRY AQUA GUIDE