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About the


Australia's favourite swim + run

No other 'swim + run' compares to the all age fun of the "Australia Day Aquathon".

Held the vibrant coastal city of Wollongong NSW, (80km south of Sydney), Australia's largest swim and run makes for a special Australia Day experience.

A huge crowd come to take part or cheer, a spectacular venue offers the perfect location - all this and more sets 'aquathon apart'.

Aquathon is achievable, safe and fun- offering four distances and held within the protected Wollongong boat harbour, supported by a host of lifesavers, volunteers and cheering crowd.

Enter on your own, or tag team style (one swims and the other runs)

Bring the family and group along and simply get involved!

Event Information


Long Aqua

The marquee distance world champions to everyday fitness types love! 

900m swim and 7km run

8am- Male

8.20am Female and Teams

Our premier distance that can be enjoyed by most. Starts with 900m swim (450m x  2 laps) and flat scenic 7km run. 

Divided into male and female age along with team starts.

Give it a go – solo or tag team.


Short Aqua

Fit to first timer

Proudly presented by Suttleshades your local Luxaflex dealer

400m Swim & 3km Run

The Short Aqua ticks the perfect 'Aquathon" experience.

Starts with a 400m harbour protected swim and than flat 3km run.

Divided into gender and age starts -Ages 12 yrs+

Individual or relay tag teams. 

Safe, fun - give it a go!


TRY Aqua

The perfect safe 'n' fun 'aquathon' experience..

200m Swim & 2km Run

Get your first taste of an 'aquathon' in an achievable and safe ‘starter’ distance. 

We don't time this one, its about having a go

Protected close to shore swim, and an out and back 2km total run, jog, walk...TRY Aqua


Kids Aqua

The crowd favourite hundreds of kids have a blast
Parents can tag along and do it together!
MEDALS to all finishers
Ages 6 to 12 , safe n fun

Preparation Guide Kids
10-12's: 200m Swim & 2km Run
6-9's:    140m swim and 2k run
9am start

Kids this one is all about you! The KIDS AQUA continues to be a crowd favourite as hundreds of kids (and many parents) take to swim and run fun.

It's fun, its safe, and all kids can join in.

Aquathon on your own or TAG team with  friend- one swimmer and one runner.

Kids are treated extra special with key safety measures, a close to shore line swim, loads of lifesavers and great team of volunteers on hand- plus parents/assistant can join in to help..

A huge smile, loud cheer, FINISHER Medal plus loads of prizes, activities and freebies.

on the day

What you need to know


Event Schedule, Prizes, Fees - REFER HOME PAGE

How to enter?

Simply click on the "enter now" button and complete the online form

Can anyone take part?

Sure can. Aquathon is a public event and open to all to take part. Event distances vary to accomodate levels of experience and considerable attention is made for safety and enjoyment. Ensure though to prepare adequately and seek medical advice if in doubt.

Is it safe and well organised?

We are Australia's leading Aquathon, thousands have taken part safely for over 19 years. We strive to make every effort to keep safety and a fun experience at the forefront of our plans. We implement strict safety measures, select the safest course and divide starts to age and gender. Our safety team is first rate-  a fantastic team of lifesavers, first aid and course marshals all on standby, plus the venue itself is ideal. The swim is in the mostly sheltered (from waves, elements) boat harbour, and  the run is off road, on flat well marked paths. Professional services all add up to a safe well organised event.

Charity and Community Support

Aquathon is proud of its strong community ties and works closely with charities and non for profits. Since inception over $288,000 has been donated through participant fund raising and event donations. Aquathon is supported by local clubs and charities as North Wollongong SLSC, Kembla Joggers, Lighthouse Community, Anglicare, UOW sport club,St John's Ambulance and Athletics Wollongong.

Preparation Tips?

Need some advice to help in your swim and run experience? click here

I have entered online what's next?

In your entry confirmation you will receive event day information email. Please also ensure to review the website for location, start times, and course maps and services. 


  1. Collect your entry kit: This is located next to event start on the south side of the cafe in two large marquees. Line up in your event/category as per the signs, mark your name off, collect your entry time chip (a velcro you where around your ankle to record the time), swim cap and any sponsor goodies..allow minimal 60min to park, register and get ready for your event
  2. Go to your individual or team tag area to place your gear- see on day signage and easy to see what to do. Place a towel, running gear, but avoid personal belongings in this area.
  3. Listen to announcer instructions and watch prior events to get an idea of what to do
  4. Starter: all events start on the waters edge. The starter explains the course, and what to do.
  5. Teams - the swimmer will start first (wearing the ankle time chip), and goes to waters edge when called. The runner stands in a area for 'team runners' and waits for swimmer to arrive. Swap ankle time  chip, and off the runner goes..
  6. Kids Aqua: a special area is reserved for kids and special instructions will be made on the day to ensure a safe and fun experience. Hundreds take part and parents can also join in and swim/run for those younger kids needing some assistance..
  7. Other questions: read below for FAQ


Wollongong harbour is located on cliff road and easily accessed by car and buses. Check train timetable for Australia Day and allocate 20min to walk. The main road is closed to traffic, but there is ample road side, plus parking stations within a 200m -1k walk, Check destination Wollongong website.


The event is scheduled to proceed under near all circumstances. Be prepared for conditions as wind and rain, and sunshine a plenty!!! Distance changes may apply in extreme weather and at last resort event cancellation as per waiver.


Review the website for course maps, location, services and all you need to know..

View Entry Terms & Conditons

Maps: Course + Site Maps



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