Tag teams: one swimmer and one runner – twice the fun.

Don’t feel like doing the whole Aquathon yourself? RMB Lawyers TEAM UP is the perfect option to join Aquathon with your mates, work group, fitness crew, sport club, school or family!

One is the swimmer, one is the runner. Relay style – Simple as that.

  2. Choose your preferred distance
  3. Enter online
  4. Join the fun

You can enter a tag team on your own or part of a group.

Event Categories:

  • Kids Aqua: U10 and 10-12 Team’s
  • Mini Aqua: 13+ Team (Any gender/age)
  • Short Aqua: U18 Team, Open Team (any age/gender), Business Team, Parent+Child (U16) Team
  • Long Aqua: Open (any age) Male, Female or Mixed category, Business Tag Team, Master 50+ Tag Team





How do tag teams work?
Simply put, one person does the swim part and tags a mate to run. The tag is by swapping the provided velcro time chip worn on each members left ankle, swimmer first than swap to the runner. It’s the same event as individuals just as a tag team. Tag Teams are there own division with category awards for the more competitive, though most are out for fun.

What distance applies to teams?
ALL events have tag team options and divisions

Do I have to be competitive?
NO, in fact, most teams are fun, social, and with divisions for age, parent and child and business it all about having a go with a mate.

Can a swimmer tag two runners?
Yes- enter two different teams with the same swimmer and nominate a different runner. The swimmer wears two-time chips, so ensure you hand the right one to each runner..

Is the fee per person or total?
One fee applies (split between the team members)

Can I also be part of a group?
Sure can, whether you are an individual or tag team, you can all be part of a collective group.

Do team swimmers start separately?
YES- teams have their own swim wave start.

Are there award divisions?

  • Yes for the more competitive 1st is awarded per category in male, female and mix gender.
  • Kids, parent and child and business award applies to1st, 2nd, 3rd (any gender mix)

What happens on event day?

  1. Sign in at registration (one person)
  2. Collect swim cap, time chip
  3. Swimmer places time chip on their ankle and swim cap
  4. Listen to PA for event briefing and all to start line
  5. Swimmer – lines up on shore
  6. Runner – waits in the designated ‘team tag area’ on the concourse
  7. Swimmer swims, exits water and runs (50m) to runner tag zone- swap velcro time chip to the runner
  8. TIP: Swimmer stand still, let runner remove ankle velcro and swap to their own leg.
  9. Runner – run, run…swimmer, fruit and rest…watch and cheer at the finish line
  10. Celebrate together

Join the fun now!