The MINI AQUA distance offers a fun, entry level, and safe event to begin your ‘aquathon’ experience or just a fun sharp hit out!

Aquathon is a swim followed by a run, a ‘triathlon without the bike’. The ‘Mini Aqua’ is the perfect starter distance for ages 13 and above,- you can go solo or split the distance as a relay (one swimmer and one runner). You get a finisher time and medal but its NON competitive and non-awarded.

The MINI distance offers:

  • A 200m swim in the sheltered Wollongong harbour, keeping within 60m of the shoreline, followed by an 2km flat coastal run.
  • Flippers are ok, but ensure you can safely swim the distance un-aided.
  • Fully supported by our safety crew of lifesavers; marshals & first-aid.
  • Individual or relay team options
  • Finisher medals to celebrate your achievement


Visit our preparation page for training tips, programs, video’s.



√ Entry to Australia’s largest and most fun swim and run Aquathon

√ Eyeline swim cap


√  Electronic timing and results

√  Over $5,000 give away’s and prizes

 Professional event safety & services

What happens on Event day?

  • Collect your Registration kit: Compulsory for all individuals Entrants or 1 team member
  • Collection between 7.1am and 8:45am
  • See maps: located at belmore basin
  • Check the Event Schedule for registration, briefing and start time
  • Prior to start (individual) place run gear in the area marked ‘transition
  • Place your allocated time chip on your left ankle (soft velcro)
  • Teams: swimmer starts with time chip, runner waits in “Team Tag Area”- wait here until your swimmer arrives to swap velcro time chip from swimmer ankle to runner ankle
  • Event briefing is held on water’s edge


NEW: satellite live map- click HERE

Swim:  200m

  • Single lap, held within 60m of shoreline, divided into male, female and team starts, supported by very capable lifesavers

Run/Jog/Walk: 2km

  • 2km- (1k out and back) flat run along the amazing ‘blue mile’ coastal path to North Beach

*See Terms & Conditions